In this 1 day workshop from 9:30-4 pm, you'll have fun while learning how to tune in to yourself and trust your gut more (solar plexus chakra). You'll learn grounding exercises, protection, and ways to connect to the spirit world on a psychic level. We will discuss the different 'clairs' and discover which sense is your strongest so you can utilize it when making decisions. There will be many exercises to practice with alone and in a group to help you develop your senses.  You will learn which crystals are best to work with to enhance psychic ability & how to use pendulums & divining rods.  You will learn how to read oracle cards in a fun and informative way. You'll use your new skills & knowledge with my assistance to practice using your strongest 'clair' with and without tools on each other.
If you don't already own these tools I will have pendulums and oracle cards to purchase on the day of this workshop. 

Tuning in to Your Intuition Class









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