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As required by law, I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase these services. Psychic readings, consultations, & spiritual life coaching are intended to help the client move forward and offer insight into a person’s personal life. They do not in any way constitute, legal, medical, or financial advice. For all issues concerning health, legal, financial, you should consult with the appropriate professional before any action is taken. In regards to legal matters it is recommended that client seek advice from a lawyer. I am not a medical intuitive, so medical question should be followed up by seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional. Business or financial related questions should be followed up with a financial advisor. Those who have now or have ever experienced mental health issues or any other serious health problems including strong addictions should always seek medical advice from a professional if there are concerns prior to the session.


Lisa Ouellet LLC shall not be held liable for any loss of income or stress caused by any person or event incurred in the process of providing these services to the clients. We offer the best possible service but cannot be held responsible for any action taken. You have FREE WILL. Sometimes action is required on your part to help the spiritual guidance occur. You are responsible for your own ultimate decisions and choices. All sessions are confidential and will not be discussed with any external parties without prior consent. However general references (no names or specifics) may be used in blogs, YouTube videos or other Social Media avenues just as in a general experience the psychic had.


Completing the payment is your agreement that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions, You are stating that you are of sound mind and body, accepting sole responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, and outcomes - before, during, and after my services. All prices and availability are subject to change at any given time. Arriving late for an in person appointment, phone, or skype session will mean that you will be using your allocated time, as other people may be booked directly after you. Therefore you need to be aware that you may not get the full time if you are late. You should always call or text to let me know if you are running late. There are no refunds for no-shows that do not try to contact me prior to the appointment time to cancel or reschedule.

Terms & Conditions

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