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Upcoming Events

TBD in Fall - 6:30-7:30PM
Destiny Cards - Personalized just for you
Have you ever wondered what your personalized Destiny Card is and what it means for you in this lifetime? We are all born with a specific card due to our birtthdate and that card affects us our entire life. Fing out your Birthcard and your Planetary Ruling card and their meanings for you. Each year we also get a Long Range Card on our birthday that is integral to that year for us individually. Learn what your Long Range card is and how it will play a role in the year (your current age) you are in now. 
$10 Pre registration required. Space limited to 5 people 


Wednesday, August 15th 6 -7:30 Location TBD
       Full Moon - Releasing Ceremony


In this workshop Lisa guides you through a Releasing Ceremony on the Fuil Moon to rid yourself of anything (thought process included) that no longer serves your highest good. Supplies will be provided, just come with ideas of what you want to let go of energetically and be ready to feel lighter when you leave.





Oracle Card Practice Group

This is a practice group to expand your skills reading oracle cards. I strongly recommended that you have some prior knowledge of at least 1 particular deck of cards. This is not a class but rather a practice group and a great opportunity for you to have some fun sharpening your skills. You will practice with each other, asking questions and having someone else pull and interpret cards for you, then be doing the same for others. We will be changing partners often so you have multiple opportunities throughout the night to practice. Please feel free to bring your own cards if you have some but otherwise there will be plenty of decks to choose from. 

$20 This practice group will be held the 3rd Monday of each month. Pre-registration is required. 


      Aura Fun

Want to have fun and still be able to learn to see your auras and those of your friends and family. Join Psychic Lisa Ouellet for a fun and informative hands on evening learning how to see your aura and how you can control it for protection and much more. 

Also learn your personal color specifically just for you. 

Cost $20, pre-registration is required.





      111 Numbers
Learn about the 1111 phenomenon on 11/11 at 11 AM.
Find out what 111 in Angel Numbers means spiritually and to you specifically. Ever want to know what this is all about? We will have a discussion about numbers and their significance and importance in our lives. Open discussion and questions to follow. 

Pre-registrstion is required. $11 cost for this class


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