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On April 4th we'll experience a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. It will start at 6:16 am EST & while some total eclipses last for more than an hour, in this case, the total time span is just 4 minutes and 43 seconds long. Don't blink or you might miss it!

Why do Total Lunar Eclipses happen you might ask? During a total lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line. The Earth blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The Sun is behind the Earth, so the Sun's light casts the Earth's shadow on the Moon. This shadow covers the entire Moon and causes a total lunar eclipse. The moon’s red tint is caused by the Earth covering the sun. This red light from the rim of the Earth then beams onto moon, transforming it into a giant red orb. You can only have a total lunar eclipse on a full moon.

What can you expect to experience during a Total Lunar Eclipse?

The energetic effects of an eclipse can be felt for 2-3 days before and/or after the eclipse and due to the heightened energy, "emotions" (both positive and negative) can be intensified. A Lunar Eclipse allows us to reset our emotional responses to life's situations. On the Solar Eclipse we are being triggered for change and what we want to create NEW into our lives, and then on the Lunar Eclipse we have opportunity for ACTION to take care of this change in our emotional state. The moon does represent our emotions after all. Creating change is definitely emotional, because we have the ability to fear what change might bring into our lives. We could potentially think other's may not react to our new changes well or just fear of the unknown is scary in itself. Kindness in dealing with ourselves and tolerance with others is KEY and being true to our authentic self is a MUST which helps us move through this intense energetic period with as much grace as possible.

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