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Mercury Retrograde in Action

When Mercury goes into retrograde it can often be a period in time of unusual events, experienced as chaotic by some people, feeling stuck in life, or even misunderstood by others, leading to elevated levels of irritability and nervousness. This is because Mercury who rules the zodiac sign of Gemini (a very communicative sign) is the planet that influences everything related to communication, connection or information.

Even though Mercury Retrograde has a reputation of being scary and powerful with how it affects us in a negative way in what we shouldn’t be starting or doing during that timeframe… It also has some spiritual effects that may challenge you into deeper self-discovery if you put it in a positive light, as I advise you to do. The best thing to do while Mercury Retrogrades is happening is to purge and clean house mentally and physically, to perform a deep cleanse from the inside out to eliminate all the negative energies built up within and around you. You may start with your home and continue this clean up with your soul/emotions and then with your personal or business relationships. It may mean saying a few farewells that you have been scared to say, but if you’ve waited a long time to do so now could be the perfect time, especially since oftentimes people from our past resurface during this time period, giving us the opportunity to mend fences, clear the air or just plain learn something from the encounter.

Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to reconfigure our life journey. As I just mentioned, some things from our past may resurface because we need them for a future purpose or just to finally let go of the energy that we have been carrying around from it. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus - this energy offers us great opportunities to discover, acknowledge and repair mistakes regarding our sense of self-worth, but also financial, relationship and/or marriage issues. If its money that frustrates you, now it’s the perfect time to find new and innovative ideas to make money, by adjusting to new spiritual beliefs about yourself and the world. Now is the time to gather information to act upon when it goes direct again.

Mercury Retrograde in action may bring a lot of fiery disagreements in your relationships, making it a great time for an in-depth analysis. The good news about this astrological event is that the Vesta asteroid comes with some positive influences, especially in the field of expressing creative abilities and skills and objectivity. With a bit of grounding and spiritual openness, we may communicate with more sensitivity and intuition, so make sure you use whatever is available to you to help you stay grounded (using visualization techniques, hematite crystals or a copper penny in your shoe etc…) this way you can utilize your intuition stronger and hopefully it will assist you during this energetic time period.

With all its possible negative effects, this particular Mercury Retrograde is an amazing time for strategizing, healing the wounds of the soul, and in general having a broader understanding of new ways to see life, relations, love, work and creation. If we interpret it in a positive way, then Mercury Retrograde can bring us positive effects and results into our spiritual lives

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