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I was reading something recently that said that CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE. I sat for quite a while and thought about this in great detail. While it may be a very true statement, the challenge we have to remember is to try to live in the PRESENT MOMENT while CHANGE is occurring. Not to relive/revisit daily our past or jump ahead too far into our future in our minds. The truth of the matter is that YES, life is going to change and we need to be able to roll with and embrace those changes and TRUST that we are in the exact place we need to be in this exact moment to learn the lessons our soul is here to learn. We got here to where we are right this very minute by making choices/changes daily, actually every moment we are faced with multiple choices and those actions determine our outcome. In order for that to occur CHANGE would be the only constant in our life.... I am speaking about a spiritual/emotional change here.....DEEP!!!

However, change being the only constant in life occurs in more than just purely spiritual and emotional levels as well. There is the physical to consider. Our bodies are constantly changing. As we grow from infancy to childhood and then become adults, the physical body changes dramatically. Then for women who experience pregnancy, again the body changes once more to adapt to a new life within it. Those women and men connected to them become parents and most change their lifestyles to adapt more to raising children, getting less sleep, taking on more responsibility. In general they are evolving into new versions of themselves. We are ever evolving - the occupants of our planet Earth are constantly changing too, which is necessary for our survival. Scientists are always trying to find new cures for diseases and illnesses which new ones seem to be popping up right and left these days. Years ago when I was younger I was not worried about going outside and playing as a child. Ticks and Mosquito born diseases were not heard of or at least not common. Now a days you have to be worried about getting a mosquito bite or tick from your own backyard which could carry LYME, WEST NILE OR ENCEPHALITIS just to name a few.

So truly after giving this a lot of thought I guess I agree that change is the only constant in life. We are all different people and experience different choices and emotions plus our bodies change in many different ways but we are all ever constantly changing as we go through life. Something for you to think about too.....

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