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New Moon - Meaning and Manifesting

When the Moon is NEW this simply means that the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same Astrological Zodiac Sign. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start as it represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. This month - June 2015 it’s in Gemini. It’s all about New Beginnings and is quite a symbolic time. The time of the new moon is a time to breathe in deeply and move into a calm state of mind. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new ways to make progress. Make it a point to be prepared for the New Moon ceremony or celebration beforehand – be sure you are clear about your intentions. Let your higher self or your soul guide you. Sometimes its emotional stuff we are working on bringing in, like empowerment, forgiveness, setting boundaries in our lives, or it could be something tangible like manifesting a new car, place to live or a new job. You get the idea, it can be anything you want.

Ceremonies don’t have to be elaborate…. It can be as simple as just lighting a candle and setting intentions for things you’d like to manifest, create or develop. However you can make this as elaborate an event as you would like. This can be done in a group or by yourself… sometime I just like to sit quietly in the center of my bed with my notebook and light a white candle and burn incense on the table nearby while I write out my New Moon Wishes. These are things I want to attract into my life by manifesting and envisioning myself doing or having them - believing they are coming. I have a special notebook designated just for New Moon Wishes and I reuse it and take it out from month to month. Make sure that you write out your wishes in a positive manner, like I easily attract_______ or write it like it is already a fact. I.e.: “I am the owner of a brand new red sports car”. I always like to throw some in there that I know are attainable soon like “I easily attract a spa day with my girlfriends” or something like that. Refer back month to month to see which of your dreams you have already acquired and don’t cross them out as that would imply a negative and could cancel it out, you just don’t need to repeat writing that particular one the next month.

Oftentimes this is a great time to create a vision board too. You can do this by cutting up photos from a few old magazines and even gluing them into your notebook. A few years back I sold my older car on a New Moon. I put a photo of it in my notebook and crossed through it writing the words SOLD, then I made and = sign and next to that I got a picture from the internet of the car I wanted to purchase and cut it out, gluing it in the notebook. Underneath the car I wanted to acquire I wrote MINE. The first person that came to look at my car for sale that day bought it. I manifested my new car on the New Moon. I now had the money in hand to go out and purchase the one that I desired. Another way is to use some heavy duty large white poster board or cardstock and get as creative as you want. For those of you who live locally in NH I offer a workshop on this usually on the New Moon evening. It’s really just all about tapping into your higher consciousness and following your guidance, go for it and create those dreams into your new reality.

~ Lisa Ouellet

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